Shanghai, the centre of international business


The exhibition in Shanghai is the biggest project for Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen in 2017, which is the 100th anniversary of Finland's independence. The exhibition is held in Shanghai World Financial Center, the economic centre and the landmark of Shanghai. The exhibition is located in Yun Jian Art Museum in the building’s 29th floor.

Shanghai is a modern metropolis

Shanghai is the biggest city of China and also the biggest city of the whole world by the number of inhabitants. There are nearly 25 million inhabitants in the area of Shanghai. The glass art exhibition of Pohjalainen is arranged in Shanghai’s Pudong which has 8 million people. The Huangpu-river running through Shanghai cuts the city in half to the areas of Pux and Pudong. Pudong is the centre for growth and there are a lot of tourism, businesses and luxury hotels. 

Shanghai is one of the most important centres for economy and finance in China. There are for example more construction projects in Shanghai than anywhere in the world. The area is one of the most evolving metropolises. Shanghai is also one of the most important port cities in the world.

Shanghai is the most developed and modern city in China. New sky scrapers rise up all the time. The GDP is growing constantly. Shanghai has special economic areas that give tax benefits to companies. Shanghai is popular for technology companies. On the other hand, the focus on culture is strong. 

Shanghai’s Pudong is a good place to arrange a glass art exhibition for a Finnish artist. Kuopio, the home town of Pohjalainen, is the sister-city of Shanghai’s Pudong. The exhibition is a part of the cultural exchange programme between the two cities.


The world's most beautiful investment

Finnish glass art has emerging international markets and makes it interesting to invest. Pre-sale of exhibitions artwork has begun. By leaving your contact information, we can send you a catalog of glass sculptures.

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