The exhibition in Shanghai Pudong is Ritva-Liisa’s biggest project in 2017.

It is held in Shanghai World Financial Center, Yun Jian Art Museum 12.-27.10.2017. There will be 52  unique glass sculptures exhibited in the exhibition.

Ritva-Liisa has worked with the sculptures in collabaration with world famous glass blowers in Murano, Italy and in Nuutajärvi, Finland. The exhibition is part of cultural exchange programme between the City of Kuopio and the City of Pudong. It’s also part of Finland100-events in China.


Virtual Gallery presents beforehand the exhibition’s sculptures and video. Registered customers can make inquiries about available pieces, view and preorder the book published september 2017. 


In mediagallery you can download pictures and presentations about the exhibition for media. 

Please contact us for getting access to the galleries.

p. +358 45 201 0234 



Art and business have much to give to each other. One of the aims of my career has been to increase communication between them.

The exhibition in Shanghai is a huge step in making my art international. I feel that the co-operation of art and business have a significant meaning in export. Together we can build a strong image of Finland abroad. Art can give new glow and depth to business world whereas business can open new doors to art.

I want to invite you to take part in fulfilling my dream!

Join the team and invest to art

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My exhibition offers new experiences of Finland internationally.

I was born by the sea in Raahe, in the coast of the Baltic Sea. Already as a child I learned to always look forward. I had a strong vision to open a view to Finnishness through aesthetics.

My exhibition in Shanghai consists of 50 unique glass sculptures that tell the experiences of Finnishness. The inspiration for the works of arts come from the Finnish nature, the four seasons and the story of a Finnish woman.



My glass art exhibition in Shanghai Pudong is a part of Finland100-events in China. The invitation to arrange the exhibition is an internationally remarkable tribute to a Finnish glass artist.

The exhibition is held in Shanghai World Financial Center, the economic centre and the landmark of Shanghai. The exhibition is located in Yun Jian Art Museum in the building’s 29. floor. There are more than 20 million people in the area of Shanghai. Shanghai is the most modern and developed city in China and the commercial centre of China.



All great achievements come from passion and motivated co-operation. Finnish art and business attract interest abroad, so there are many chances for international co-operation. Let’s open new doors together during my exhibition in Shanghai and also in other countries in the future!


A group of strong professionals work with me.

Yrjö Möttönen, CEO, RLP Design
Kaisa Blomstedt, interior designer, visualist of the exhibition, Studio Kaisa B
Saija Vartiainen, commercial producer and publicist
Antti Raatikainen, photographer and videos, Tarina Film
Petra Tiihonen, photographer, Studio Alias
CreaMentors, business design
Oskari Turunen, logistics of the exhibition



I have worked with my glass art in Nuutajärvi from 2008. In Nuutajärvi working with me are:

Alma Jantunen, glass blower
Johannes Rantasalo,
glass blower
Matti Vilppula,
glass blower
Heikki Viinikainen,


In Murano, Italy, I work with maestro Pino Signoretto with the glass sculptures for my exhibition in Shanghai. Maestros Mariano Moro and Christiano Toro from Ars Murano glass workshop blow the big multi-colour layered sculptures. Amber Hauch, an American glass blower, who has worked with glass in Murano more than 20 years, is an important contact.



In addition to The Cultural Bureau of the city of Shanghai’s Pudong and the staff in Yun Jian Art Museum I work with:

Pekka Vähäkangas, vice mayor, City of Kuopio
Michael Claussen, manager, Kuopio Music Center
Kirsi Soininen, marketing director, City of Kuopio
Ulla Vuori, City of Kuopio, coordinator of collaborative marketing
Kai Zhan, the contact person of the city of Kuopio in Shanghai

Four benefits of the co-operation for the companies


We offer customized packages to companies and organisations, that include a work of art by Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen.

Ritva-Liisa’s glass art is well known in Finland and abroad. All the sculptures for the exhibition are now for pre-sale.

We make also customized glass art series. They are well suited for example to be used as corporate gifts.


The partners have a chance to get visibility in the media through the exhibition partnership.

We inform the media in Finland and in China of the exhibition and our partnerships. The partners are visible in our media communication and they also have a chance to make their own communication in the exhibition.



Our partners get visibility in the exhibition in Shanghai World Financial Center.

During the exhibition, you can also arrange a meeting with your partners in Shanghai. There are conference rooms and space to invite your important partners in China to enjoy Finnish glass art and to discuss business.


As a partner, you get material about the exhibition and our partnership.

We can produce material for you to use for example in your website or social media. Visibility connected to co-operation with Finnish glass art exports brings value to your business.

Contact us for more information about co-operation

Exhibition partners and client references


In 2008 Finnair organized an invitation competition for ten Finnish designers. The task was to design new working outfits at the same time with the new brand reform. Ritva-Liisa won the competition and was chosen for the task. She designed the outfits for the whole staff of Finnair. The outfits are still in use and some additions have been made along the way.


Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen designed new outfits for the store staff of Alko in 2013.


The glass art exhibition of Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen in Shanghai is a part of the cultural exchange programme of the city of Kuopio and Shanghai’s Pudong. They are sister-cities. The city of Kuopio produces also their own ”Capital of Lakeland”-exhibition along with Ritva-Liisa’s exhibition.


The co-operation with Kuopio Music Centre started in 2005. The first glass art exhibition of Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen was held in Kuopio Music Centre in 2009. The collaborative art project consisted of Ritva-Liisa’s glass art, costumes and jewellery. The music was chosen according to the style of the exhibition and the costume of the dancer was designed by Ritva-Liisa.


Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen got a chance to suggest her glass sculpture to the new building of Kuopio Energy. The work ”Together” was chosen as the work of art to the lobby downstairs. The new sculpture is first exhibited in Shanghai and is delivered to Kuopio Energy after the exhibition.


Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen designed a series of memorial monuments to Kaavin Kivi Oy. Funeral homes around Finland sell the monuments.


Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen’s Bud-light came to production for Melaja Oy in 2016.


Ritva-Liisa designed the working costumes for the restaurant staff of the Defence Forces in 2012.